Barack Obama on the cover of GQ 2015 Men of the Year Issue

With just 13 months left of his term, President Barack Obama is back as the frontman of GQ’s annual “Men of the Year” issue, a cover he was first awarded two months before he took office in Nov. 2008. Unveiled on Twitter on Tuesday morning, this cover is a special one as it celebrates the 20th anniversary of the magazine’s “Men of the Year” issue. For the occasion, ESPN and Grantland alumnus Bill Simmons interviewed the 54-year-old POTUS on a number of topics ranging from health care to the top-secret Roswell, New Mexico files, the latter of which he calls “a little disappointing” (?!) and not “nearly as exciting as you expect” (???!!!).

As for the cover itself: With an unadventurous slate suit and colorless background, both Obama and GQ seem to be going for an aesthetic that’s slightly more conservative than his last “Men of the Year” appearance. With seven years already logged in the Oval Office, he couldn’t go for a blue tie? And though he may have a few more gray hairs than he did back in 2008, his toothy (extremely white!) smile remains unchanged.

The 20th anniversary issue of GQ “Men of the Year” hits newsstands in New York and L.A on Nov. 17 and nationwide on Nov. 24.

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